New 2019 Guidelines on SUBCONTRACTING favor small enterprise companies
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10 thoughts on “New 2019 Guidelines on SUBCONTRACTING favor small enterprise companies”

  1. Thank you Eric,
    Even though I live new zealand, and I have to align your knowledge with new zealand process and adjust or tweak a little here and there, it's just amazing and completely relevant. I am a avid believer in what you do and listen intensively by practicing what you say. I've just started this journey and know wholeheartedly that this is me. I'm on day 11 on your course. I've already build my own consultant website next week I will pay for what we call here LTD company same as a LLC in your country. I'm learning the procurement process through our govt websites. I'm going to my first govt event ect.. you have inspired me and those around me.. bless yah mate and biggest thank you.
    New zealand

  2. Hello Eric, I was watchin your videos and tried to send you an e-mail but the mail adress seems not valid. Have you changed your e-mail adress, If so can you write your new e-mail here ? Thanks.

  3. Hello Eric, I've been researching and watching all of your videos. I should be receiving my cage code in a few days. I sent you an email, hope to hear from you soon.

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